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Lex White Product Lead
Behavior Change Through Mindful Design

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behavior change through mindful design

Hi, I’m Lex. I focus on changing people’s behavior through narrative because I believe stories are something we can all relate to - and technology enables us to do that better. I am currently serving as the Director of Product at Canary Health, a behavior change company focused on improving the health of millions of people. Prior to that, I led product at bLife, a mindfulness company determined to reduce stress and build resilience around the world. I have served 12+ years in the product function for web applications and mobile (native and HTML5) in an Agile/SCRUM environment. I have also worked with other notable companies including FitOrbit and Juice Wireless. Here are samples of my product work.

Before the writer’s strike, I was a writer/producer and had a good run in the short film and commercial world before finding my home in tech.
In my spare time I write comics, watch anime, score music and make all sorts of cool digital noise for sound design projects. I also play a lot of video games, the very nerdy ones like Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls and the very punishing ones like Dark Souls.

Mental health, spreading empathy/understanding through narrative, and advocating for social justice are big passions of mine. To that end, I am also on the steering committee of a non-profit organization with a collective of like-minded individuals dedicated to providing community support and resources to the under-privileged and the under-represented.



Canary Health, Los Angeles. Director of product

November 2014 - Present

My previous company bLife merged with DPS and an NCOA property and became the trifecta of Canary Health. We were a B2B2C model and worked directly with health plans to engage their populations to improve clinical outcomes. Our directive was to bring innovation to what had previously been a service focused company to positively impact behavior change in our targeted health population and reduce the impact of living with chronic conditions. During my tenure, we transformed the organization from a waterfall, service-focused group to one that was agile, product-driven and user-centered. I was the product owner for the online CDSMP program that we launched the MVP of in March of 2017 with Stanford University and have been managing the growth and development of the product ever since. We increased initial conversion rate by 68% and increased clinical completer rates to an average of 48% for a 6-week intervention program, proven to increase self-efficacy. Since launch, we have increased revenue for that product line by 3x.

Key Skills: Team Leadership, Roadmapping, MVP Strategy, Prototyping, User Testing, User Stories, HIPAA, SaaS
Acquired Skills: Forecasting, Onboarding, Branding, Tone of Voice, Partner Relationships

bLIFE, Los Angeles. product owner

September 2012 - November 2014

bLife’s mission was to reduce stress and build resilience all over the world. We were a B2C model and built our own community through partnerships with people like Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Our product was a mobile responsive HTML5 web-app and delivered mindfulness interventions, personal insights and scientific evidence to engage our population. In this role, I was the product owner, coordinated alignment across all departments and interfaced directly with the co-founders to define the value prop, identify the target demographic and bring the MVP to fruition and out into the market. After launch, I continued to manage the roadmap of the product until our acquisition in 2012.
Key Skills: Prototyping, User Testing, User Stories, Go-To-Market
Acquired Skills: Roadmapping, MVP Strategy, Team Leadership

Fitorbit, Los Angeles. Director of product marketing

August 2009 - September 2012

FitOrbit was an online personal training service that connected people with a real personal trainer who developed a customized meal and exercise plan to help them reach specific fitness goals. In this role, I reported to the VP of Product and worked directly with the engineering team to execute the strategy. We had a web application and a native iPhone application. In my tenure I helped launch version 2.0 of the web application and the version 1.0 of the native iPhone application. Because of my narrative background, I was also given the opportunity to manage the sales funnel and developed the infrastructure to build, change and test the enrollment flow. My role eventually expanded into online advertisement and commercial production until my exit in 2012.

Juice wireless, Los Angeles product manager, Mobile

August 2007 - August 2009

Juice Wireless was one of the first social networking mobile applications. We created an interface to allow users to send media to all of their social networks with the click of a button. We were a native application on mobile services such as T-Mobile, Nokia, AT&T and Sprint. In this role, I managed the execution of the mobile strategy and the development/certification of our BREW and J2ME mobile apps. Eventually, I was lucky enough to be one of the very first teams to develop an app on the iPhone and this experience is one of the defining events that shaped my career.

Strategic Skills

Product Skills

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Personal Interest

Video Games
Sound Design
Mental Wellness
NVC Methodology
Comic Books
Community Building
Music Theory


Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

2004 - 2007 

Graduated May 2004


Practitioner of Oren Jay Sofer’s Mindfulness Communication
Mentored by Alex Rome, EDM Producer
Collaboration with Dr. Kate Lorig, Stanford University
FitOrbit Commercial w/ Jackie Warner
FitOrbit Commercial w/ Jake Steinfeld
Product launch with Oprah
Over 200 hours logged in ESO
Founding Father for Beta Theta Pi Chapter @ LMU
Palm Spring film Festival
Munic Film Festival
Brazil Film Festival


Email: lex (dot) white @ gmail.com
Phone: Upon request
Address: Los Angeles, CA